Week 3 – discussion 1

Facebook, email, electronic commerce, and collaborative sites for both work and leisure are a normal part of our everyday computing activities. Personal information entered on these websites become partially owned by the sites themselves. Deleting items never really gets rid of them. 100-150 Words

After reading this week’s course materials, describe what Internet users should know about one of the following topics:

  • What should you know about website privacy?
  • How do you know when an online transaction is secure?
  • Why is Anti-spyware software important to my online security?

After your primary post, respond to at least two of your classmates’. (2-3 Sentences)

Post 1

Hello class,

I chose the following topic for my discussion.

Why is Anti-spyware software important to my online security?

Anti-spyware is very vital to online security because of it’s purpose. This particular software is used to scan and detect spyware on your computer. Not only will it detect these viruses and/or Trojan horses but it will remove them or advise the user to do so. I know from experience that once a virus has corrupted your computer, it can be very frustrating getting rid of it. Viruses and worms that have taken their place on your computer cause lots of damage and even open up room for potentially even more viruses. It is very difficult sometimes to handle but anti-spyware will do the trick to aid and prevent and will keep your privacy secure.

Post 2

Hi Class,

When it comes to online shopping, it is so important to make sure that no one is able to steal your banking information.  The process of having to cancel your card and wait for another one is easily preventable.  There are a few things that you can do to ensure that you are being extra careful.  Before making any transaction online, ensure that you are on a secure Wi-Fi network, and only use trusted websites.  It is also important to look at the website’s URL name.  The S in HTTPS stands for secure, so you will know that your transaction is good to go. May people do not like to read them, but company’s do have privacy statements that explain how they keep your information secure. Double checking these important tips before making any purchases will help put your mind at ease

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