Week 12 learning lab comment


Do you distinguish between values and virtues? Does your supervisor, co-worker or someone you know distinguish between values and virtues? Why or why not? Provide examples.


I feel values are personal beliefs based on an individuals morals and virtues are the actions or behaviors that result from the values. For example, I feel that valuing success is common among many folks in their personal and professional lives. For a business leader to value success of their company he or she would possess virtues of creative intelligence, accountability, high communication and empathy. I spoke with an SVP about this and honestly, he had a problem separating the two which I would imagine is common. I certainly feel values and virtues are intertwined and too many, outside of this study, may not understand the difference but practice making decisions based on values and exhibiting through virtues.

Respond to comment not the question. Response must be 150 words initial post.

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