violent borders, chapters 7 | English homework help

 Book Violent borders by Reece Jones


Initial Post (at least 200 words)

Identify the author’s main points, important or compelling evidence, and integration of different perspectives in Chapter 7. Share some of your work, identifying one of each of the following:

  1. Share one of the more compelling or significant points the author made in this chapter
  2. Share what you believe to be the most important or effective form of evidence Jones draws on in this chapter (Personal Experience, Outside Authorities, Statistics, or Factual References and Examples). Explain your reasoning.
  3. Share the different perspectives the author draws on to illustrate the issue discussed 

(Always cite your sources by indicating page numbers for any quotes you may have used from the book and linking in URLs to any research conducted. See helpful Canvas Guides below). 

Reply to two posts ( at least 50 words for each)

In your replies, review the examples provided by your peers, evaluating their work and offering additional examples from Chapter 7 and/or your research. Consider the following questions: Are Jones’ ideas accurately conveyed? Did you believe another form of evidence was more effective? For the same or different reasons? Are the examples of evidence provided accurately categorized? Are there any other examples of evidence worth sharing? Are there additional perspectives that Jones includes? Offer your commentary and offer additional information from Chapter 7 and/or your follow-up research. (Use the toolbar to link in the URL to any source you use; you can also use the toolbar to embed any images or videos that you referenced. See Helpful Canvas Guides below).

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