This problem illustrates the point made in the online presentation

4) This problem illustrates the point made in the online presentation that if observations can be matched the paired or dependent t-test is more poerful than the unpaired or independent t-test because it utilizes information ignored (the correlations in the dependent variable) if the researcher treats the two samples independently. There aare two sets of SAS output for this problem – one treating the data as independent samples (Team A and Team B are independent samples) and one treating the data as matched, paired, or dependent samples (the data is mathced on Team – thus you have two team evaluations for the same patient). Focusing on the t-tests and probabilities


What conclusions can you make regarding which approach (independent or dependent) should be used?


A cognitive retraining clinic assists outpatient victims of head injury, anoxia, or other conditions that result in cognitive impairment. Each incoming patient is evaluated to establish an appropriate treatment program and estimated length of stay. To see if the evaluation teams are consistent 12 randomly chosen patients are separately evaluated by two expert teams (A and B). Are the evaluator teams consistent in their estimate?


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