The bell jar – based on a novel


The following options are for your second paper in this course. You may choose one of the prompts. Submit your thesis and one-two page outline with works cited by no later than Saturday, March 27, 2021 to be posted on a Discussion Forum on Blackboard. The final paper is due between April 1st to 4th and the final deadline is April 4th. NOTE THESE DATES ARE CHANGED FROM THE SYLLABUS. The outline should break down major ideas with textual examples. Outline format and quotation tips are posted on Blackboard under Content for your information and guidance. An outline should help you organize and develop ideas and serve as a guide to your paper. The paper should be five (5) pages in length and conform to MLA style with appropriate heading. If you need examples, let your instructor know. If you opt to do research, the research must be from credible sources (and Wikipedia is not a credible source) and conform to MLA format. Blogposts and .coms will not be acceptable research. Check Hacker’s A Writer’s Reference or the Purdue OWL at for the correct paper presentation style and outlines. A brief paper format guide is with your syllabus for this course. You must cite from the literature to illustrate and support your ideas, which requires in-text citing and provide a Works Cited page. All sources, the novel included, must be cited. Finally, do not plagiarize!

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