The apa-style reference for the fact sheet must include:


Engineering and Construction
a good idea to take a direct-to consumer (DTC) genetic test. Agree or disagree.
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Your midterm must:
o Be double-spaced, written in an 12-point font, with one-inch margins
o Be approximately 500-600 words in length, not including the references or cover page
o Demonstrate your ability to develop a well-structured, balanced, academic argument
o Use your own reasoning to explain and support your claims
o Use APA to cite and reference information taken from the information sheet
• You must use and cite evidence from the information sheet
• You may use your existing knowledge, in addition to information from the sheet
• You must not include invented facts or statistics (i.e., do not make up numbers)

The APA-style reference for the fact sheet must include:
Authors’ last names, first initials. (Year of publication). Title. Source

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