Strategic planning | MGMT 414: Strategic Planning | American Military University

Choose 5 interconnected leadership task (listed below). Tell why each task is important to understand as a leader that is involved with the strategic planning process. 

Explain what each process means and what is involved with the five that you picked. 

Interconnected Leadership task: 

1)Understanding the context

2)Understanding the people involved, including oneself

3)Sponsoring Process

4)Championing the process

5)Facilitating the process

6)Fostering collective leadership

7)Using dialogue and discussion

8)Making and implementing policy decisions

9)Enforcing norms, settling disputes, and managing residual conflict

10) Pulling it all together


Cover Page


Introduction: (Overview what you will discuss)

Body (2 FULL Pages of Content)

Reference Page (2-3 references)

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