Select and review first 10 sources

Please pay attention to the Matrix Template!!! My topic is Standards-based grading, Standards-based assessments or anything along those lines. The references have to be within 2 years.


For this exercise, remember to focus on sources related to RESEARCH STUDIES. Add the 10 articles to the matrix, and prepare a full reference list of the 10 sources using APA style.

In addition, you will begin to review each source in the NARRATIVE format expected for literature review. Group the 10 sources gathered thus far under categorical or theme headings and conduct a systematic review of each source as outlined in your readings. Be sure to utilize the resources to guide your writing and also incorporate the divergent perspectives or similarities between findings. 5 to 7 pages plus the matrix in the appendix after the reference list (not included in page count)

References: A full references list with at least 10 sources in APA style

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