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Summarize in your own words at least three of the major theoretical perspectives of abnormal psychology (i.e., psychodynamic, humanistic, cognitive-behavioral, sociocultural, biological). Make sure to discuss how these perspectives differ in their approaches to the study of mental disorders.

Title your entry M2: Theoretical Perspectives in Abnormal Psychology.

In addition to your own blog posts on the subject, I encourage you to read and perhaps even respond to a blog post from another student. While reading others and responding is not part of your grade, it will help you to better understand the material and aid with your learning.

This blog entry is worth 15 points and will be evaluated using the PSYCH 239 Blog Rubric. I strongly encourage you to review this rubric before starting the blog assignment. This rubric is available in the right hand column of the Blog area, as well as in the course Grade Center.

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