Research related to organizational behavior


Organizational Behavior

The written project report will be submitted separately via Tunitin and a PPT to be presented in class as per the schedule. 

Choose any topic that related to organizational behavior
whether it’s a problem or opportunity to innovate

The format of the project is as follows: 

o Apply the below required structure and task requirements 

Introduction: Introduce your topic explaining the importance of the issue or problem at hand and then situate it in academic literature. The idea of the introduction is to also orientate the reader as to what is going to be covered in your report (1 Page) 

The Problem or Opportunity: Describe the problem or opportunity identified with the topic and indicate how significant this issue is to the organization (half page) 1

Research Question: 

State the research question – What are you going to research about the topic – What is it that you want to discover about the Topic (1 to 3 lines) 

Research Objectives: 

Describe what research objectives are included within the research study. i.e., what are the key themes to be included in the research in relation to the problem / opportunity/research question (half page) 

Literature Review: 

Here you need to explain where your investigation fits in the wider body of literature and perhaps inform a current debate in that literature. You should critically evaluate carefully selected concepts, theories and ideas which might be useful for investigating your research topic and taking it forward. For instance, if you are researching about motivation, you will need to cover some of the concepts and models of motivation such as Maslow, Herzberg, Management/leadership, teams, culture etc. i.e., review similarities, differences, strengths, weaknesses, and implications of theories taking your topic into consideration. All sources must be referenced using intext citations. 

A key requirement here is to develop a clear argument, linking the literature to the issue, problem, and research question that you have identified, in other words, there should be a critical link with the problem / opportunity statement / Objectives to be investigated and the topics reviewed under this section. You need to divide this section under different subheadings and remember the subheadings you choose must be related to the title of your research interest. (4 pages) 


Here, you will describe the methods you chose to use in order to reach your objective which is to find pertinent answers to the questions you developed in the topic statement. (Half page) 

Results and Discussion: 

This section will contain all the pertinent information and any other relevant findings. An important section of your work. You will analyze the results of your study. You will show a clear understanding of the nature and significance of your findings and relate it to problem/opportunity statement / objectives. Your analytical skills will clearly be of central importance to this section of your research. (3 Pages) 

Recommendations: (Provide minimum 5 recommendations.) 

Based upon the critical analysis of your findings you will be required to provide recommendations relevant to your results and how the results will help improve the field of Organizational Behavior. (I Page) 

Conclusion: Half a page to summarize your key learning points from the project. (Half page) 

List of References (APA Style): A minimum of 5 research articles excluding books and internet websites (A list of the readings, books, articles, intemet documents, etc., used for the research project.) 

Other Task Requirements: 

1. 1.5 spaced, 12.0 font size, Times New Roman. 

2. For the Page count include minimum 10 pages (excluding appendices, list of references, and cover page).

3. Submit softcopy of the written report via Tumitin on “Moodle.”

4. The citations of references in the text should be according to the APA referencing style. A minimum of 5 research articles are required. In total minimum 8 references

5. Late submissions penalty of 30% will apply.

6. Noncompliance to the required project structure and task requirements will be penalized (Marks will be deducted)

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