Research paper: introduction to a biblical book

The students will write a critical introduction to the book of Genesis in the Bible. 

Each student will read it in its entirety, and research its historical background, literary structure, major themes, place in the biblical storyline, and theological message. 

Students should cite at least 6 non-internet, academic sources (books, journal articles, etc.). 

The paper should be 7-9 pages long (Times New Roman, 12-point font with 1” margins all around) and should include a bibliography (which is not counted toward the page total). 

The paper should contain the following sections:

a.) Critical Issues (author, date, provenance, occasion, sources, etc.)

b.) Literary structure (two-level outline the major sections of the book and then a 1-2 paragraph summary)

c.) Place in the storyline of the Bible (use Textbook here)

d.) Major themes and theological message

e.) Personal reflection on the book

Suggested resources for paper: ESV Study Bible, New International Commentary on the Old Testament, New International Commentary on the New Testament, New Dictionary of Biblical Theology

This is the Critical Assignment for this course and must be passed at an acceptable rate in order to pass the course.

**Use the attachments for textbook references**

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