Research paper | CJUS 700 – Theories of Crime | Liberty University

In this assignment, you will select one (1) topic: a serial murderer Whichever topic is selected, an introduction to the individual should be detailed followed by a 11-14 page analysis of the theories that might be used to explain or support the individual’s move into criminality or the underpinnings of the policy.  The paper (a total of 16-18 pages) should incorporate a Christian Worldview throughout or have a specific section of dedicated to Christian Worldview.  It is extremely important that you keep the paper between 16-18 page requirement.  Each paper must be thorough but not exhaustive. Also, I use the King James Version (1970), Holy Bible. My research paper is on Jeffrey Dahmer and the theories to explain is criminality is social learning theory, social control theory, and psychological theory.

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