Questions for chapters 1-3 of the big sleep

 1. List ALL characters you find in Chapters 1-3. Leave no one out. Not all of the characters will be named at this point but include them anyway. Also, some characters are named but are not present. Basically, list and describe ALL characters Marlowe sees, interacts with, and hears about. Also, include Marlowe’s OPINION of each character, if he has an opinion about them.
2. Tell me about Marlowe: personality type, age, behavior, etc.
3. Marlowe is very observant. Give an example.
4. Marlowe is imaginative. Give an example.
5. Marlowe tells General Sternwood, “I’m unmarried because I don’t like policeman’s wives”. What does he mean by that?
6. What, PRECISELY, is Marlowe hired to do?
7. What is the total amount of money Geiger is trying to get from the General?
8. General Sternwood was BLANK years old when he first became a father, so he’s approximately BLANK years old now.
9. Why does Vivian want to see Marlowe?
10. How would you describe their interaction?
11. Where does Marlowe go at the end of Chapter 3, and why does he go there?

Extra Credit
This story is taking place in Los Angeles in the late 1930’s. At one point, General Sternwood tells Marlowe he paid someone $5000. to leave his daughter Carmen alone. $5000. in the 1930’s is the equivalent of what amount of money today?

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