Programming ( 3 different individual parts)

1- What is the new programming language for business intelligence? Discuss the rationale behind Python.  

Length: 10 sentences. Word document.


2- A program uses a char variable named department and two double variables named salary and raise. The department variable contains one of the following letters (entered in either uppercase or lowercase): A, B, C, or D. Employees in departments A and B are receiving a 2% raise. Employees in department C are receiving a 1.5% raise, and employees in department D are receiving a 3% raise. Using the switch statement, write the C++ code to calculate the appropriate raise amount. 

SAVE AS homework3.cpp


3- Modify the solution shown earlier in Figure 7-2( SEE ATTACHED BELOW). The solution should now keep track of the number of times Sahirah’s laser beam missed the spider. After saying “You are safe now. The spider is dead.”, Sahirah should say one of the following: “I got him  immediately.”, “I missed him one time.”, or “I missed him x times.” (where x is the value in the counter). 


SAVE AS homework-3.cpp

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