Please devote one paragraph each and write about each of the



Week 1: I’d like you to start the unit by watching the video, The Making of Hamilton, to familiarize yourself with the concept and story. Then watch the these excerpts from the show . Unfortunately, YouTube took the full show video off of YouTube on April 17th, so if you did not see it prior to that, you’ll have to watch the excerpts instead. I think they will still give you a good idea of what the show is about and its’ major musical numbers.

Week 2: Now you are going to watch a variety of short videos about the design of Hamilton including the following:

Costume DesignCostumes of Hamilton

Set Design of HamiltonDavid Korins Hamilton Set DesignerThe Backstage Secrets of Hamilton, Set Designer of Hamilton

Sound Design of Hamilton: Wait for It (a 360 degree video. When you start watching, grab the video and you can move the video around to see 360 degrees), Adam Savage Explores the Sound Mixing of HamiltonSound Designer for Hamilton Gives a Tour

Choreography of Hamilton: Hamilton Choreography Broken DownHamilton Choreographer Demos Moves on the StreetChoreographing Hamilton


Please start by describing your experience watching Hamilton. What parts stood out to you and captured your attention? What did you find exciting to watch?

Please devote one paragraph each and write about each of the following elements of Hamilton. Please provide quotes from the designers in the videos .

1. Acting

2. Staging/Directing

3. Costumes

4. Set Design

5. Sound Design

6. Choreography

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