Please be sure to follow directions to the t the last paper you did


Albany Technical College

Week 8 Activity

Instructions: Please place your first and last name, the due date, and the activity number in the upper right hand corner of every assignment (-5 if missing).Please type the organ in bold ink using Times New Romans with 12 point font (-10 if incorrect). Please type the answers in regular black ink using Times New Romans with 12 point font, not bold (-10 if incorrect). Please use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar (-1 point for every error). Please paraphrase each answer in your own words.No credit will be awarded for any copied answers.You must reference your sources. Ex. Textbook page numbers, power point slide numbers, you tube video title, etc. at the end of each set of information in parenthesis. You cannot give range of page numbers or the entire reference for the textbook at the end of the assignment.In other words, you must give the exact page number at the end of each anatomy, physiology, and location of each organ. (-2 each time it is missing).Please see the projected learning schedule for the due and time.

Chapter 19: The Respiratory System (this entire assignment is worth 100 points)

  • Trace the entire respiratory pathway in order starting with the nose and ending with alveoli (provide each organ with its associated structures in bold -2 each time it is not in bold)
  • Give the exact location in the body using anatomical terms. (Ex. Lateral portion of the nose)
  • Provide the physiology of each organ and structure.

please be sure to follow directions to the T the last paper you did for me was not so good made a c because directions were not followed  

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