Philosophy of mind – reading reflection

Based on the two chapters attached answer the following questions:

1.  What is the issue the author is concerned with and the main point the authors are trying to make about that issue? What are the reasons the authors give for thinking that this point is worth serious consideration?

2.  How do the assigned readings relate to other readings we have discussed (or will discuss)? What do they agree or disagree about?

3.  Identify an example from the news, controversial issue, or personal experience that the reading(s) made you think about. How does it relate to the reading and/or illuminate the issues the reading raises?

4.  What do you find interesting or confusing about the reading(s)?

5.  The question in the chapter on Moral Motivation is about whether there is a form of distinctively moral motivation, that motivates people to act morally.  Of the four models of moral motivation presented (instrumentalism, cognitivism, sentimentalism, personalism), which seemed initially most plausible and why?  How does the neuropsychology research presented in the paper affect your assessment of the plausibility of that (and other) models?

6.  When we say that human moral psychology “evolved” what do you think we (should) mean by that?  What interesting lessons can we draw, from the analysis of moral evolution, about human morality and moral practices and judgments, or about our understanding of the reasons why people act morally (or fail to do so)?

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