Organizational information systems | MIS

A. About Organizational information systems 

B. Main topic – Management Information Systems (MIS) 

1. Management Information Systems Definition and importance 

2. Characteristics and features of Management Information Systems

3. Functionalities: functions and business process support 

4. Limitations 

5. The impact of Management Information Systems used on business strategy. 

6. Provide a plan for evaluating the Management Information Systems used in the organization (Use the techniques and models described in the Information Technology and Organizational Learning textbook). 

7. Define the current IT/ Management Information Systems dilemma in the organization. 

8. Determine whether there should be IT/ Management Information Systems replacement/outsourcing. (Use the dimensions of organizational transformation) 

9. After Assessment of the Management Information Systems, suggest improvements and developments to achieve either operational excellence, customer, and supplier intimacy, cutting costs, or achieving competitive advantage.

C. Select any organization.

1. Introduction about the organization 

2. Vendor (Management Information Systems provider), resources required and associated cost (if available)

3. Management Information Systems Information system users (departments and positions)

D. Provide a concept map for the paper/project.

· Create a concept map of the important concepts that underpin your paper and their connection to each other.


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