One discussion with reference after it and one assignment with

discussion titled discussion with reference after it PLEASE 

  • Discipline Plans- Read and analyze either Ms. Sund’s third-grade discipline plan or Ms. Charles’s discipline plan for her English class. Compare and contrast your thoughts and ideas with theirs. DO you need the discipline plans???

Assignment with up to date references after it Titled What I Will Do Proactively to Prevent or Reduce Misbehavior 


Topic 5. What I Will Do Proactively to Prevent or Reduce Misbehavior (500 – 750 words) 40 pts

  • What steps will I take to prevent or limit the known causes of misbehavior that might otherwise influence my classes?
  • Specific Format : Write the question in bold print. Write the rest of the paragraph in regular print. Proactive behavior management is a crucial step in effectively managing student behavior. Take your time on this assignment.  Think through all of the misbehaviors, minor and not-so-minor, that you might prevent from happening if you have a developed plan to address these behaviors before they start.

Refer to the rubric for specific elements that are required for a score of 3-Proficient or 4-Advanced.

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