Movie commentary | Article writing homework help


Commentary 3 is to discuss “Two stage sister” only, no other films

Make sure you have a clear argument or statement: find a focus to organize your writing

A general plot or characterization summary earns little credit

Analyze film in detail (e.g., mise-en-scene, smiles or other facial expressions, camera angles)

Rephrase key words for better connection between the reading and your film analysis (e.g., metaphor, allegory, realism)

“For our first commentary, are we supposed to include reading from week 1 or week 2? (And is it the same formula for the future commentaries?)” Always use the readings assigned in the same week as primary films; the same formula for commentaries 2-3

You only need to quote from 1 reading in the week, NOT 1 from each reading in the week

Your quote must be relevant to the rest of your discussion

Avoid a long quote or 2 or more quotes in a commentary

Similarly, avoid discussing 2 or more ideas because there is no space to do that adequately

Proofread your paper or grade yourself to improve before submitting

No need for a separate Works Cited page, but use in-text reference (e.g., Harris, page #)

Cite the chapter author (e.g., Harris), not the volume editor (e.g., Berry)

  1. Moive link: Part 1
  2. part 2
  3.  Part3
  4.  Part4
  5. If the link is not working just search the name of the movie on the youtobe.

Turnitin requirement

Must and only have one quote from the essay that I give to you(onky on  Chapter Title: Two Stage Sisters)

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