Memo | Article writing homework help


The impact of Covid on business is undeniable…what else could we write about? Here is a question about the impact Covid is having on most businesses and how YOU can help provide some relief to employees who are struggling to get through these difficult times. 

Be sure you read the question many times, so you understand what your writing should accomplish. 

You can get some helpful information by examining the EXAMPLE/sample memos I provided and by reviewing the lecture notes and slides.

You will submit your memo in the “Example Memo” section.

*Reminder: your Example Memo MUST be written using ONE of these two questions. You are not allowed to pick your own topic or submit a memo using any other topic.

**ADDITIONAL REMINDER: You can write as much as you want, but be sure EVERY EXAMPLE is important;  be certain your writing is effective, clear, error free, and uses several (MANY?) interesting examples.

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