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This course covered topics related to Small Business Entrepreneurship, so for your final exam I would like for you to write a Marketing Plan for a new small business (or a new business opportunity for an existing small business) based on any business idea you have come up with (I am sure before or during this course, you have had various new business ideas occur to you).  

The Marketing Plan should be 10-15 pages in length (not including the cover page), double spaced, and have limited exhibits, figures, and attachments.

Please following the attached outline including submitting a pro-forma income statement. The plan should be submitted by the last day of the semester.

Remember that it is a draft of an idea, so while it needs to be complete and polished, don’t worry that it may have some elements in it that aren’t exactly perfectly fleshed out or are just your ideas or are things you had to make up. It has to make sense but the context is this is a document you would take to a meeting of fellow entrepreneurs (or the owners of the existing small business) to discuss everything in it in order to refine it further, etc. 

To that end, if you can’t find the numbers you need for the plan, you will either need to use another company’s numbers or other source and/or create your own estimates (and document in your plan that you did that).

This is Small Business Entrepreneurship, so its an art not a science, but the document should reflect your best efforts in the face of much uncertainty and above all be consistent (after all your reputation is on the line, just like in the real world). My hope is that you have a company where you work, have worked, or want to work that you can use (or maybe one your parents own, or a friend, so you know it well).

Please turn in a paper that is professional and well-polished with clear content, good research, professional references, and exhibiting a solid command of the English language. Please be sure that you site you work. This means you need to site where you got the information you are writing about. At the end of a sentence, place in parentheses the name of the author and the date of where you found the information (Keele, 2009). In text citations are a must. You need to give credit to the sources that gave you the information for the paper. You must give a citation for everything included in your paper that you did not already know or come up with on your own.

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