Marketing foundation question. | MK101 – Marketing Foundations | Monroe College

Assignment Content

 Question 1 

 Answer the following questions after reading the case in the book and watching the video. 

  1. Is Mary Kay an international firm, a multinational firm, or a transnational firm based on its marketing strategy?
  2. What global market-entry strategy did Mary Kay use when it entered India?
  3. Is Mary Kay a global brand? Why or why not?

You can search on the internet if you do not have access to the book. All you do is type Mary Kay case study or details on Mary Kay business in the search bar. Be sure to have more than one/two line responses per question. Grades are based on detail and thought provided.

Here’s a few link references to help

This should be at least one to two pages in length. Be sure to ALWAYS include reference detail. This is actually an interesting case. Think about it from the product perspective. Do current trends affect a company like Mary Kay? Explain.

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