Marketing/advertising w3 d1/2 | Marketing homework help

I need 3 paragraphs for each discussion which is a total of 6 paragraphs. Please keep both separate and address each question. Please make sure you check grammar and punctuation errors, as well as quoting and using in text citations. PLEASE make sure you cite the information, do NOT plagiarize and ADD all references.

Discussion 1 Advertising Strategy 

Look at the different types of advertising shown in Table 4.2 of the text. Select one product and determine how each type of advertising strategy would be used. Incorporate concepts and examples from this week’s lecture in your post. 

Reminder: identify one product only — and then convey your understanding of each type of advertising by describing how each of the advertising strategies might be used by that one product

Discussion 2 Ethics in Advertising 

Select three advertisements from three different countries using traditional advertising venues and Internet advertising venues. Assess how culture and ethics influence understanding the ad from each country. Incorporate concepts and examples from this week’s lecture in your post.

Reminder: this week asks us to compare advertisements from three different countries (other than the US), and to critically think about the influence of each country’s culture/ethics on the advertisement.  What does the brand do, in its advertising, to specifically appeal to consumers in the country?

It is fine to compare/contrast advertising of the same brand in different countries, or you may select a different brand advertisement for each country. Be sure to communicate your assessment of the advertisements you select, using concepts learned from this week’s materials.

Required Resources


Ogden, J. R., & Ogden, D. T. (2014). Integrated marketing communications: Advertising, public relations, and more. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

· Chapter 4: Advertising

· Chapter 11: Evaluation, Control, Laws, and Ethics


Dalgleish, S. (2005). Sell the sizzle or sell the steak? Quality, 44(1), 26. Retrieved from the ProQuest database.

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