Management essay: deep- level diversity.

write an opinion essay about Deep-Level Diversity by using the only source that i give you in the file. Using APA style. in has to be two pages.

please follow these process:

1- the topic is: Deep-Level Diversity.

2- using the source that i give you in the file

3- i need you to use the “Citation” , so when you take a sentence from the book writh next to it>>

Williams, 2015

example of the CITATION: 

In addition, “SWOT analysis helps a company determine how to increase internal strengths and minimize internal weaknesses while maximizing external threats” Williams, 2015.

4- Resources Reference:  Williams, C. (2015). MGMT: principles of management. (7thed) South-Western College Pub. Resources


5- two pages ( three pages incloding Resources page).

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