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 Task:Critically analyze issues related to team cohesiveness, diversity,and team conflict based on the case study: ‘Excel Pro Drilling Systems’.

 This assignmentshould be completed individually.


1.Read the case study available on moodle titled ‘Excel Pro Drilling Systems’ and answer the following questions:

•What went wrong in the formation of the Green Team? What should Excel Pro have done differently? Justify your answer.

•What conditions contribute to this team’s cohesiveness? What reduces its cohesiveness?

•What do you think of the points plan? How should Excel Pro’s management help the Green Team manage its conflict?What styles of conflict resolution (based on the TKI model introduced in class) would you consider most effective in this situation?

2.The Green Team consists of members from a variety of cultures. Critically analyze the advantages of such a diverse team and the challenges leaders might face. 

Expected table of contents

:-Case Introduction

-Critical analysis of Q1.

-Critical analysis of Q2.

-Critical analysis of Q3.

-Definition and types of workplace diversity.

-Advantages of diverse teams.

-Challenges related to leading diverse teams.



 -The assignment should be written in the form of an essay and submitted via turnitin. 


:3.Word-count: 3000 words

4.Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are excluded of the total word-count.

5.Font: Arial 12pts.

6.Text alignment: Justified. 

7.The in-text References and the Bibliography have to be in Harvard’s citation style

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