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You will select an influential leader to research. This leader can be alive or dead. In order to find enough quality sources, you should choose an individual who has been researched in the past. The bulk of this 6-7 Page Double-Spaced APA Formatted paper will be an analysis of the leader based on Kouzes & Posner’s “Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership”. You are required to use at least 4 Credible Sources (Wikipedia does not count as credible). The recommended headings are as follows:

1. Introduction – Why you chose this leader 2. Model the Way – Did/does he or she? How? 3. Inspire a Shared Vision – Did/does he or she? How? 4. Challenge the Process – Did/does he or she? How? 5. Enable Others to Act – Did/does he or she? How? 6. Encourage the Heart – Did/does he or she? How? 7. Summary/Conclusion


and I upload an example to see


My leader will be Omar Mukhtar


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