Juvenile court | Criminal homework help

Focus on the controversial issue surrounding whether the juvenile courts should be restructured or even abolished. Read the following article that is attached: Soulier, M. F., & Scott, C. L. (2010). Juveniles in court. Harvard Review of Psychiatry, 18(6), 317–325.

APA Style (double spaced, no spacing after paragraphs, first line indent, etc)

Include examples to support position

3 peer-reviewed references beyond the attached article

4 – page summary addressing the following:


– What is the author’s main points regarding abolishing the juvenile court? (There are several, so read carefully!)

– What are the strengths and weaknesses of his arguments?

– Do you agree with his ideas? Why, or why not?

– What does this article contribute to the field of juvenile justice?

– If his suggestions are followed, what might be the implications in society and in the field of juvenile justice?

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