Hw 1(21) | Criminal homework help

Answer any TEN of the following questions.

1. Explain the statement: “video provides the eyes for security systems”.

2. How can video contribute to the disaster plan?

3. Describe the role of security guards in video surveillance system.

4. How can video help training and education of employees?

5. Compare between over and covert video systems.

6. Name the typical components of a video surveillance system.

7. Describe the role of lighting in video surveiilance system.

8. Compare the illumination levels between direct sunlight and full moon.

9. What is the significance of target size in video security system?

10. Compare between fixed-focal-length lens and zoom lens.

11. Describe the principle of panoramic 360 degree camera.

12. Compare between analog and digital cameras.

13. List eh advantages of thermal imaging cameras over visible cameras.

14. Name the different wireless transmission media.

15. Compare between switchers and quads and multiplexers.

16. Compare between VCR and DVR.

17. Describe the principle of pan/tilt mechanism.

18. Describe the principle of video motion detector.

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