Homework dueeee | Science homework help

hey can anyone get these done? questions based on YouTube video. link provided. 

1. List the 4 safety weapons we can use to fight harmful bacteria.

2. There was something mentioned in Module 1 (Understanding Bacteria) called O157:H7.  What was it?  Why do you think it was mentioned in Module 1?   

3.  What did this video called the “baddest of the bad”? 

4. Why is DNA important for bacteria? 

5. Can scientists use DNA when investigating a foodborne illness or foodborne outbreak? Explain.

6.  What does science have to do with food safety?

7. Does the responsibility to keep our food supply safe along the Farm-to-Table Continuum belong to just one person? Explain.

8.  List and Explain the 4 Cs effect on bacteria? 

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