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Read the following scenario and complete the essay questions. Your paper should be at least 350 words.

Potential Threat or not?

You are tasked to conduct a security test for Alexander Rocco Corporation to determine vulnerabilities that need to be remediated. The company has multiple operating systems running in its many offices and you need to know whether there are any operating systems running for which you do not have visibility. Mike Constantine, the network administrator/security officer, is resistant in giving you information after he learns you are there to discover network security vulnerabilities and sees you as a threat to his position. You learn Mike’s personal e-mail address [email protected], and that Oracle 8i is running on one of the company’s systems.  You enter Mike’s e-mail address into http://groups.google.com (Links to an external site.) and find that he is a part of several hacking groups with ties to Eastern Europe.

  1. Why do you think Mike is a part of these groups?
  2. Describe another reason besides your initial answer and explain the merits of this conclusion.
  3. What kind of threat could he pose to the network?

Discuss in a 350-word essay the implications of what you found while keeping in mind objectivity and no evidence of wrongdoing.

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