Health education teaching assignment | Nursing homework help

  • Please click (the link about  to access the assignment files).
  • Please submit your WRITTEN plan here AND you can submit your VIDEO file here as well.
  • Please either take your video and upload it as an attachment or use the RECORD VIDEO button provided below to record directly to this site.


Diabetes-Teaching-Self-Care-Print and Go (2).pdf(644.49 KB) Health Education Pre-Brief Activity – STUDENT1.docx(16.94 KB) Health Education Teaching Activity FINAL Revised blank due date.docx(40.5 KB)

  • attachmentDiabetes-Teaching-Self-Care-PrintandGo2.pdf
  • attachmentHealthEducationPre-BriefActivity-STUDENT1.docx
  • attachmentHealthEducationTeachingActivityFINALRevisedblankduedate.docx

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