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Type 2 Diabetes

1. The American Diabetes Association offers a simple online diabetes risk test which gives you a score ranging from 1 to 10. If someone scores 5 points or higher it would mean that this person has a significant risk for having undiagnosed prediabetes or type 2 diabetes.

  • Start by taking this online risk test at (Links to an external site.) You have a choice to take this test for yourself or for someone else (such as a family member). You may choose either option for this assignment.
  • Answer all questions honestly and to the best of your ability. You will reach a results page that asks you to provide an email address or to just click on “View Your Results Online”. Select either option.
  • The result will say whether you (or the person you are answering for) are at Low Risk or High Risk, and will give you a specific score. Click on “Review Your Answer” to find out why you received that score.
  • Explore the rest of the American Diabetes Association website for useful information on understanding diabetes, preventing diabetes, and managing diabetes.


Based on the results of the risk test that you just took, reflect on what you need to do to EITHER maintain your low risk and continue to prevent diabetes, OR, to reduce your high risk to prevent type 2 diabetes and/or manage diabetes better

Please do NOT disclose your actual health condition or even your score. All you need to do for this question is to write a brief reflection on what you (or the person you answered for) should do to maintain a low risk score or to reduce a high risk score. Use appropriate guidelines and information provided in this website. To earn 2 full points there must be at least 3 sentences in your answer here. 

When using any information from this website to help you answer this question, please make sure you either quote or paraphrase the information and provide the appropriate in-text citation in your answer [e.g., (American Diabetes Association, 2020)]. Do NOT copy and paste any texts without attribution as that would constitute plagiarism. Copied and pasted text will result in 0 point for this assignment. 


1. Start by going to this page on the The American Heart Association’s website: (Links to an external site.) Watch the video on that page and then read the rest of the information provided. 

2. Now read the following scenario:

You are taking an older family member to a doctor’s appointment scheduled for 10:00 AM one day. On your way there, both of you stopped for coffee at 9:30 AM. When you get to the location of your doctor’s office, you could not find parking easily. After driving around for several minutes, you finally find a parking spot that is some distance away. You and your family member now need to walk fast because you are already running late for the appointment. When you get to the doctor’s office, the nurse immediately take you and your family member into an exam room because the clinic is very busy that day. The nurse then asks your family member to sit down, and she measures their blood pressure right away using a blood pressure monitor (machine). While the machine is still working, the nurse asks your family member to answer several questions in order to fill out the paperwork at the same time. Your family member is a little breathless while answering these questions. Finally the machine finishes measuring the blood pressure and shows a reading of 142/94.  

3. YOUR ANSWERS [THREE POINTS, 1 point each question]:

(A) From what you’ve learned in the American Heart Association video and website, what are all the incorrect things related to blood pressure measurement that happened in the scenario above?  

(B) What are all the things that you should now ask your family member as well as the nurse to do so that the blood pressure reading can be more accurate?

(C) Let’s say everyone followed the proper procedure the second time and the blood pressure reading is 135/80. What does this reading mean and what are some of the things your family member need to do now? Explore the rest of the American Heart Association website to help you find the answers to this question.

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