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Part 3 of the Final Project is worth 15% (150 points) of your final grade.

Click on the Final Project Directions and Fact Pattern attachment above to download the project directions, fact pattern, and project details for each week. 

Part 3 Directions – Final Project Submission

Due Week 6 by Sunday at 11:59 pm, CT.

1.  Apply the feedback from your instructor, and revise and edit parts 1 and 2 of the Final Project.

2.  After finalizing each component, combine all parts of your Final Project into one Word document

3.  Ms. Field would like to prepare a handout of possible questions and answers of frequently asked questions for the next seminar.  Add this handout with a copy of the questions and your responses to parts 1 and 2 of the project. Your response to each question should be:

a)  A minimum of 250 words.

b)  Each response should be substantiated by at least one references.

c)  Use Times New Roman or Arial 12-point.

d)  Include a heading for each question.

The questions are as follows:

 i.  What is a contract? What is the objective theory of contracts?

 ii.  Discuss the four elements that are required for the formation of a contract.

 iii.  Outline the elements necessary for an effective offer. Provide examples of non-offers.

 iv.  Explain how shrink-wrap and click-on agreements differ from other contracts. Discuss how traditional law have been applied to these agreements.

 v.  What is consideration? Discuss what is required for consideration to be legally sufficient.

4.  Revise and submit the PowerPoint presentation as a separate attachment using the same submission link. Do not click the submit button until you have attached both documents.

Please refer to the Final Project Part 3 grading rubric.  You may access the grading rubric by clicking on the Final Project – Part 3 assignment link, then click view rubric. Review the Final Project Part 3 grading rubric prior to completing and submitting part 3 of the project.

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