Film studies | Sports and TV | University of Notre Dame

You will select one sports TV-related channel, outlet, company, or service to serve as your case study (similar to how Weaver offers the Big Ten Network as a case study in her chapter). Your guiding research question should be: what is your case study example doing to try “to best engage and monetize fans, sports, and investors” in the current media business landscape, and what does that therefore tell us about some aspect of the sports television industry operates today?

Your completed paper should be 4-5 typed pages long (or about 1300-1600 words). The text should be double-spaced, in a 12pt font, and with 1-inch margins on all sides. To support your analysis, you must provide at least one source citation from the course reading material listed on the syllabus and at least two additional source citations from beyond the syllabus.

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