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 *There are several assumptions for the use of an independent samples t test. State each of these and the implications should these assumptions be violated. Is it possible for a p value to equal 0? Why or why not? *There are several indices on effect sizes for independent samples t tests. Describe three of these and when one might be used over the others. Next, given a situation in which a research reports a large eta squared effect size (eta squared = .64), why might their reported t value be small and not statistically significant? What may be inference from such a situation? Indicate and provide examples of three of the factors that influence the size of t.  

*  For each essay assignment, answer both essay questions using a minimum of 300 words for each essay. A title page (no abstract) and reference page are required. Current APA 7th Edition must be used to cite sources. There must also be 3 References.

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