Essay rough draft | English homework help


After viewing the power points, videos, my comments on your outline, and looking at the student model in your textbook, I want you to write a rough draft of your problem-solution essay and submit it here and to tutoring.

There are several steps in this assignment so that you can get feedback on your essay.

1. You are going to submit the rough draft here for comments from your classmates and from me. I will assign your rough draft to a classmate for comments.  You will also give another classmate comments on their paper. You need to give your peer review comments on Thursday, June 17.   Here is a video explaining how it will work:Peer Reviews Canvas Tutorial Video Series (Links to an external site.)Peer Reviews   Canvas Tutorial Video Series

2. You are also going to send your rough draft to HCC’s tutoring center online called Upswing.  Click here to go to Upswing:   (Links to an external site.)

The Upswing tutors will check whatever you ask them to check.  I suggest that you ask for help with grammar, mechanics, and logic.

We are doing the assignment this way so that you can get feedback from many different people.

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