Do you support penalty | Criminal homework help

do you support the death penalty?

Powerpoint Presentation

10 slide minimum

Present  three (3) compelling reasons why you either support or oppose the death  penalty?  Do not argue both sides of this topic.  You must only select  one side – support or opposition.

Must include research to support each of your reasons (data, empirical research).

Must incorporate at least one (1) Supreme Court case to support your position.

No pictures or special effects.

Must include audio in your presentation:

Must  use the “insert” tab and include audio in your presentation.  Audio  should be recordings of you discussing each slide.  You will need to  save the audio on each slide.

You cannot just read your slides. 

You  must explain the concepts on the slides in your own words to show your  true in-depth understanding of the subject matter you are discussing.

You must have a reference slide.

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