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What cultural and spiritual issues are evident in this situation?

Cultural care refers to multiple aspects of culture that influence and enables a person or group to enhance their human ailment or deal with illness, disease process, or death. It involves delivering care in a non-conventional way, determining care provided to accommodate the patient’s preference. The way that transcends cultural boundaries and considers that a client’s culture affects health, illness, lifestyle, communication, dietary choices, and dress. In this case, I will hang the eagle feathers and crystals around the room to accommodate the patient’s preference as long as it will not interfere with patient care.

Apply cultural competence to this case

Cultural competence in health care represents the capacity of systems to implement care to patients with different values, views, and behaviors, including the tailoring of health care delivery to meet patients’ social, cultural, and linguistic needs. Nurses can understand and address the entire cultural context of each client within the realm of the care they deliver. The nurse should be able to allow cultural exceptions for the patient and her mother. The patient’s mother’s faith in the artifacts she brought will help the girl get better when she sees those things.

Discuss complementary therapies evident in this situation

Complementary or alternative therapies are used instead of conventional medicines or treatments for sicknesses or illnesses. In this situation, the mother is applying cultural care to the traditional scientific care the nurse is providing. This accommodation will enhance nurse-patient interaction and relationships.

How would you incorporate spiritual care?

Nurses can provide spiritual care by attending to several critical spiritual elements, including supporting the patient’s spiritual beliefs and needs and individualizing spiritual care. I would start by taking suggestions from the patient, including asking for the patient’s choices. Also, supporting the patient within the limits of their faith and share encouraging thoughts or words.

How would you approach this situation?

I will fashion my approach with caution and respect. I will formulate accommodations with the hospital policy by attending to the patient’s several critical spiritual components. The patient’s family recognizes the higher powers and maintains the intervention of the higher authority. I will not stand in the way.

What principles would guide you?

I will base my guide on the ethical principles of holism, discretion, and tolerance. These are the core principles that guide spiritual care


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