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Most organizations today claim that they fully understand what “industry” or what “business” they are in.  Yet many organizations completely miss the mark in accurately understanding and analyzing their industry/business.   For example, Blockbuster failed to comprehend that they were in the convenient, inexpensive entertainment industry – AND failed to comprehend the impact technology was going to have on their industry (for example NetFlix and streaming TV).

In Chapter 3, the text introduces you to a very critical concept called “Failure Analysis” and its potential role in BCA.  
Questions for Discussion:

1. One of the biggest recent headline stories was the big freeze in Texas that began on February 14th and caused so much devastation across the state.  Using Chapter 3, how would you apply “Failure Analysis” to the entire situation that caused the critical loss of electricity and/or to any of the individual entities involved; e.g., ERCOT, PUC, power companies, providers like Griddy, State Legislature, etc.  (Obviously, there’s plenty of blame to go around!)

Guidelines for Your Discussion Forum Response:
Based on the question above, post a new discussion topic (using the “Add new discussion topic” button) consisting of a 150 word (minimum) discussion.  To receive full credit, you must actively participate in Discussion Forums by responding to the discussion questions and replying to responses of other students. Your initial posting and your replies to other students are due by April 4th no later than 11:59 PM. Use the Reply feature of the discussion topic to respond to at least TWO of your fellow students to welcome them to the class.  Each Discussion Forum is worth Five (5.0) points toward your final grade in the course.  Remember to cite and list your references. 

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