Denniswright | Operations Management homework help

Research W.L Gore and develop a 3-5 page paper by answering the following questions:

  1. Briefly describe the organization.
  2. What makes W.L. Gore successful?
  3. What is unique about the way the company is led?
  4. What type of management style does CEO Terri Kelly use? Is this any different than the styles of the founders?
  5. What organizational beliefs and values does the Kelly hold important?
  6. Can this type of culture be sustained in the long run at W.L. Gore?
  7. Can this type of culture be implemented in the company you work(ed) for? Explain.

Remember to use APA formatting on paper including; Title Page, Abstract, Introduction, in-text citations, conclusion and reference page. Copy each question above and provide your answers beneath each one. Include a minimum of 3 sources beyond the content found in the text

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