Db3-421 | SPORTS 421 | Liberty University


Topic:  Olympic Sports

You are lucky enough to be involved with putting together the Olympic bid for the Summer Olympic Games in 2032.  You and your group have the choice of the following cities:  Boston, Central Florida, Dallas, Denver, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Seattle, and St. Louis.  For your choice of cities, your group has been asked to help assemble the bid documents for six of the required IOC bid themes:  

1.  Choose a city.

2.  Research the bid themes that are required components of an Olympic bid.

3.  For your choice city, explain as thoroughly as possible what information will go into the sections you are writing.  You will need to do some research about the city you select.  Explain why your bid information is worthy of IOC support.

4.  What procedures might you implement to ensure that all procedures and actions detailed in the bid document meet the highest legal and ethical standards?

Based on current (2010 to present) research and personal experience, research this topic and support your opinions with at least 1 citation. This link provides a sport-management-specific research portal at the Jerry Falwell Library that may be used for this assignment

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