Data structures and arrays-1 | Computer Science homework help

Please read below and respond with 150 words or more.

 Data structures allow programmers an easy and efficient way to store and  organize data and with the use of specific algorithms, we are able to  the data stored in those structures. Data structures provide the user  certain advantages such as efficiency, reusability, and abstraction all  of which may prove to be useful in a programmers development. An array  that is used in data structures can be defined as a container for a set  of numbers, or elements of the same type that can easily be retrieved  based on the index number that the variable has been assigned. Arrays  may be useful in programming in that it is a more concise and efficient  way of writing code and the retrieval process of certain variables is  easier than alternative methods. Arrays can be used in a number of ways  such as in modern pc games where a user has a specific skill that may be  assigned to a certain key, the data is retrieved from the stored  database and used to compute the outcome. Likewise, it can also be used  in contact lists in cellphones, in the same sort of way in which a  number is stored based on the name of the person it is assigned to. 


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