Data flow diagram | Computer Science homework help



. After reviewing the proposed project, you saw the following:

1) Client is using OMS with Fidessa and is sending in drop copies of post trade messages from themselves as well as orders via FIX 4.2 protocol.
2) Fidessa OMS sends out pre-trade compliance checks back to client and gets the results back.
3) Post trade information is sent back to client in two ways:

a) Batch file which is triggered at the end of the day and is placed on the Internet facing SFTP server managed by Fidessa.
 b) Post trade messages are sent to Fidessa hosted middleware in real-time and the results are sent to the client’s database via a Fidessa installed service in the client’s datacenter. The connection between Fidessa and the client is over a private circuit managed by Fidessa.

Please create a simple and clean data flow diagram using any program of your choice for the scenario described. Please copy/paste the diagram here as a picture. 

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