Creating a word cloud assignment

In this assignment, you will be creating a word cloud that will help you more clearly see the importance you place on the use of technology in teaching and learning. 

Before you create your word cloud, you will compose a two-page summary in a Word document in which you will articulate the role and impact of technology in teaching and learning. Also in your summary, explain the importance of utilizing technology in the classroom. Be sure that if any outside sources are used, they are cited and referenced. However, proper APA formatting is not required. 

Next, you will generate a world cloud from your summary. Please view the video at the link below, and follow the steps given. Create a word cloud in Microsoft Word [Video file]. Retrieved from

Before generating your word cloud, open a new Word document and copy/paste your summary into it. Be sure to remove any citations and references so that they will not be included in your word cloud.

Once you have generated your word cloud, copy and paste it into your original document, underneath your two-page summary. Take a few minutes to look over your word cloud. As you can see, certain words are larger than others, which means that certain words were used more often than others. Below your word cloud, please answer the following questions in a paragraph format: Do you believe that your word cloud correctly depicts your view of the role and impact of technology in teaching and learning as well as the importance of utilizing technology in the classroom? Why, or why not? Your response should consist of at least 100 words. 

Please be sure that all parts of this assignment are included in the same Word document before uploading it into Blackboard. Your final document should contain at least three pages.

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