Class:government and non-profit accounting | Accounting homework help

1. Post the link to one news article, preferably a piece of recent news (2 points) 

2. Explain

     A) Which concepts (in which chapters) we learn in class is this news related to (4 points).

     B) Specifically, how this concept is demonstrated in the news in your perspective (11 points).

3. Comment on at least two fellow classmate’s posts (2 points).

Example Post:

In this news, the SF government will redirect the funds previously budgeted for the police department to the African American community. While the previous budget was approved earlier in the year, the government will have to revise their budget to make this happen. Specifically, the estimated revenues for public safety will be reduced, and for culture and recreation-African American Community (could be other names) will be increased. This is related to budgetary accounting in Chapter 3. (half page)

Don’t copy!!!!Thank you

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