Case study | Marketing homework help

Web site design plays an important role when creating successful integrated marketing communication programs.  This week you will have the opportunity to examine a case related to design strategy.


    • Read the “Procter & Gamble’s New Web Strategy” case study (pages 130-131).


    1. One of the things P&G already knows about online shoppers is

    that they expect brand Web sites like to offer the

    most information anywhere about a product line, including all

    its size, packaging, and product options. Do you think online

    outlets like P&G’s eStore can convert more shoppers’ needs for

    information like this into Internet sales? What other purposes

    can a pilot Web site like the eStore serve for retailers?


    2. Do you think personalization, customization, or behavioral tar-

    getting can help Web sites like the eStore to succeed? What sort

    of personal information would you be willing to share online to improve a retailer’s ability to meet your needs.


    In addition, after watching the video, E-business at Evo, answer the following:


    3. Aside from offering good prices, how does offer value to the consumer?


    4. Evo founder Bryce Phillips says that e-commerce is yet in its infancy and has not attained its fullest marketing potential. What is Phillips’ vision for improving e-commerce? Do you agree with his perspective? Explain.


    5. What challenges does Evo have in operating its Web-based business?


    6. Perform outside research on all individual work.


Your assignment should be at least 2 pages in length.

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