Case report | Management homework help


  • All cited material must include both internal citations and a complete reference list at the end of the paper. 
    • Resource: APA Publication Manual 6th Edition
  • Narrative answers should be grammatically correct, well-formulated, English sentences. 
  • Required Length-10-12 pages excluding title page, abstract and reference pages
    • Using information from the textbook and from outside reading, the  student should respond to each question below as regards the  corresponding case study (don’t forget to number each response) in  approximately 2-3 paragraphs per question. 
    • Each paragraph should be organized around a single topic, and transitions should flow logically from one paragraph to the next.
    • A cover sheet should minimally indicate the Case Study number, the name of the course, the student’s name and the date.

Case Report: Required Length-10-12 pages excluding title page, abstract and reference pages

This is an expansion of the Case Study previously discussed.

Case Study 34.1 Managing change in the Urology Department of a hospital in England. (Text page 515-516)

  1. Reread the case.
  2. Review your submission for the Unit 8 Case Study
  3. Identify the three concepts or theories you feel are most relevant to this case.
  4. Formulate the advice that you would give to the Urology Department manager.
  5. Explain how this advice is informed by theory; i.e., relate your  advice back to the workings of the theory (theories) you believe to be  the most relevant to this case.
  • Note: You may want to consider the above factors (“How to write  a case study”) when you are preparing your answers as an aid to  organizing your information if you find it helpful.

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