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You are to research and write a short report on two current business articles (so it will be 2 short reports each of which is no longer than two pages) regarding a contemporary event or events (or coverage of an industry or individual) each of which highlight a course concept or concepts addressed this semester. (Examples: Design Thinking, The Entrepreneurial Mindset, Failure, etc.) The articles must be from a business publication such as the Wall Street Journal, Inc., Forbes, FastCompany, Entrepreneur, or other national business publication. The article should not be dated any earlier than January 2020 (so it should be relatively current). The article should be a feature article (delves a little deeper into the topic) and not a simple news story. Your one-page write up must contain a one paragraph summary of the article and answer the following questions:

1. What is the course concept that the article illustrates?

2. How does the topic of the article relate to that course concept?

3. What did you learn from the article about the course concept that you might not have known before or how did the article reinforce the course concept? 

4. Any other takeaways you gained from the article

You need to properly cite the articles that you have covered in your paper and any other sources that you use including the class textbook that you may need to reference to describe the course concept. You need to do your best to use proper grammar and not to use the first person. (Don’t say “I” or “you” or “we” – you’d write “one” instead) in your report. 

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