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Discussion Question 1

Choo Choo Rides offers individuals the opportunity to develop their own business by utilizing their own vehicles as a transportation alternative for customers who need a ride. Choo Choo requires drivers to wear a train hat, install a train whistle on the vehicle, utilize Choo Choo’s proprietary GPS-based customer ordering system, and make themselves available for rides at least 4 hours per day and 3 days per week. Choo Choo sets the pricing for all rides through its proprietary software program. The driver receives 80% of the cost of each ride and 100% of all gratuities. Choo Choo collects 20% of the cost of each ride. Are Choo Choo drivers employees or independent contractors? Explain. Which of these distinctions is to the advantage of Choo Choo and which is more advantageous to the drivers? Support your position. 

Discussion Question 2

WeGotApps, a revolutionary software application development company, is developing rapidly and hiring hundreds of new employees every month. The CEO places a premium on software programmers, but tends to ignore administrative functions such as human resources. In fact, the CEO instructs his managers to begin monitoring all electronic communications and social media posts of WeGotApps employees without alerting the employees to this fact; he wants to know which employees he can trust and which employees he might want to release. What issues might the CEO encounter by taking this approach to human resources management? Can these potential issues be mitigated through a course of action other than creating a human resources function, or is a human resources function a necessity for the continued development and success of the business? Explain.

****Please provide a scholarly professionally written narrative to BOTH questions; Word Count: 250-500 words; Please provide “In-text citations, and References”…No Plagiarism; APA Format

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